If Your Business is Not Online You Could Be Left Behind

Australians are using the internet more than ever with 90 % of households with a computer and 85% connected to the internet. Small Business Owners that are yet to develop their online business presence could be left behind.

If the cost of developing a website, maintaining your website and purchasing a domain name keep you from taking advantage of these powerful business building tools you should weigh up the return on your investment (ROI) and whether your business can actually afford NOT to be online.
Why do you need a website?

With 78% of consumers looking for information on products or services on the net, that could be 78% of your potential business looking for you. Today most consumers are more and more likely to expect a company to have their own website. Having a website is a measure of your businesses professionalism, viability and stability. If your business does not have a website then either your potential customers can’t find you or you might not impress them enough for them to buy from you.

Having a quality, professionally designed website is a measure of how successful your business is and how likely you are to offer the desired product/service to your customers. Small businesses without a website can seem amateurish or worst yet “temporary”. Not having a website can give off the impression you are not making enough money for one and your business will suffer because of it.

Having a professionally designed and maintained website creates other great cost effective and even free marketing avenues. Optimising your Website for SEO will give you a competitive spot in search results and getting on front page of Google or other search engines will dramatically increase your web traffic and of course therefore your sales.

Most importantly a good website will grow with your business and enable you to grow your business and increase your market to not only local but nationally or even internationally.

Potential customers from anywhere in the world can go to your website. A website is a vital marketing tool for any business regardless of size or industry.

Businesses not online will be left behind on the super information highway – the Internet!